If this is the first time submitting your bill, please read this entire page to familiarize yourself with the process.

The submission form for adding your 2013B star note information to the database is at the  link at the bottom of this page. But wait...

 In case you click the link and nothing seems to happen, the form is set up to automatically open a new seperate webpage (which might be under the page you are currently viewing, or maybe on another monitor if you have more than 1 monitor on a desktop computer setup). 

This form can only accept information for a single dollar bill at a time.

*IF* you happen to have a large collection (50 or more) of 2013B star notes, refer to the bulk submissions page here:

To ensure that you are notified (or aware) if a match is found for your bill, you must do one of the following:
  • Periodically check your 'junk' (or 'spam') folder in your email account in case my email notifications from this site end up there
  • Subscribe to this site's email updates (bottom of the main page). This too might end up in your junk email or spam folder, so check for the 'please acknowledge' email that is sent automatically within a few minutes of signing up.
  • Periodically check the 2013B database; particularly the spreadsheet tab named 'MatchMaking'  

Before proceding,  please ensure that your bill has a 'B' seal (pictured below) and that it is a $1 bill.

Also please check that your bill is indeed a series 2013 one dollar bill (location shown below on the right). The serial number should have a B in front of it, and end with a star.

Here are all the locations of the key data (in RED) that will need to be entered (3 items, plus your email address)

The most common error in submitted data is the Face Plate 'Number' (also referred to as 'Face Plate Text' on this website).
PLEASE ensure that all alphabet characters that are in front of the number are included.  Here is a handy guide.

Just as an aside... if you see an FW you have a Fort Worth printed banknote, otherwise it is a DC printed banknote.

Link to Submission Form (new window will open)